Read to Relax at MASH

Here’s a film of a semi-improvised live audio visual performance by KLAUTmd at Mash Guru in Macclesfield. We were responding to the theme of ‘total paranoia’. We were joined in our performance by Eric the crow (taxidermy c/o M. Roberts).

Performed at MASH, Macclesfield, 23 February 2016.

If you’d prefer something a little more relaxing as opposed to terrifying, try ‘Librelax’, recorded in an undisclosed Library:

Radio session: Arts Lab #15

KLAUTmd were invited to perform a live session for Mark Sheeky’s Arts Lab programme on RedShift Radio. We did two completely improvised pieces; the first one took a while to get going so I’d give that one a miss if I were you. The second one was much better – if you fast forward¬†about 42mins in, you’ll hear us talking to Mark and gamely attempting to explain what we’re trying to do, before performing our second piece, which is then followed by David Lynch’s ‘She Rise Up’! Thanks to Mark for letting us into the studio!