Our first proper EP, ‘New Kite’ is now available on Bandcamp (free or pay what you like for a limited time only). It’s also available to buy from iTunes and to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud as well as a few other places.┬áIt’s a studio recording but it’s quite faithful to our semi-improvised live sound and is sure to be well-received in all the colour supplements. As well as the usual guitars, drums, bass and synths it features delightful percussion, unhinged shouting, some surprisingly tuneful whistling – and it all culminates in a really irate poem performed by guest vocalist Ian Smith from the Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Project, who rails against the evils of gentrification.

Here’s some older stuff…

Live┬árecording of ‘Stuart Pearce’:

Excerpt from our gig at the Brewhouse:

A bit of a jam:


Here we kindly present some selections from our ambient/noise side-project KLAUTmd…