We don’t really have a proper bio. How about this… klaut are a semi improvised noise collective who have been baffling small audiences since 2015. Currently a three-piece, we are influenced by krautrock sounds and the finest stouts known to man

Current roster:
Mark – Drums
Jim – Korg Volca Keys, Monotron synths, vocals, guitars
Roger – Bass, Microkorg, vocals

NB. Our occasional side project ‘KLAUTmd’, create fully improvised noise using pedals, synths, sampled loops, percussion and vocals. Basically anything that can be sampled and layered can be incorporated.

If you would like to be a part of KLAUT then please get in touch. We’re excited by the prospect of new musicians and noise makers being a part of KLAUT. Whether you can or can’t play an instrument doesn’t matter. If you like experimenting with sounds and making noise then we should talk…

For booking enquiries please email klaut.me@gmail.com

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