Neutral Space

An evening of experimental music and spoken word merging performers, sound and visuals into a unique amphitheatre experience. Ear plugs and hot towels provided. BYOB. 7 October 2017, from 7pm at Fairfield & Howley Old school, Warrington.

New Kite EP

Our first proper EP, ‘New Kite’ is now available on Bandcamp (free or pay what you like for a limited time only). It’s also available to buy from iTunes and to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud as well as a few other places. It’s a studio recording but it’s quite faithful to our semi-improvised live sound and is sure to be well-received in all the colour supplements. As well as the usual guitars, drums, bass and synths it features delightful percussion, unhinged shouting, some surprisingly tuneful whistling – and it all culminates in a really irate poem performed by guest vocalist Ian Smith from the Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Project, who rails against the evils of gentrification.

Rewire #1 at The Brewhouse

Rewire is an organisation we’ve helped set up with another Warrington band called Danxia, which is intended to rewire Warrington’s local music scene! The first event is on Saturday 10 December at the Brewhouse and as well as Danxia and ourselves, experimental rock’n’rollers The Mighty Bossmags will also be playing.


Psychedelic seaside gig supporting Earthling Society

Klaut will be supporting Fleetwood’s finest space/psychedelic rock band Earthling Society for a one-off gig in Blackpool on 10 September 2016 at The Layton.

Have a listen to this, their incredible reinterpretation of Alice Coltraine’s ‘Journey in Satchidananda’…

Womanstanley 3

KLAUT are playing as part of the Womanstanley summer show on 13 Aug at The Auction Rooms. Womanstanley is a platform based in Warrington that aims to showcase a diverse mixture of creative art forms and bring people together to form positive connections in the North West.

As well as live music there’ll be some amazing art and also some performance art! Tickets are £5 in advance or £6 on the door. Let’s help revive the music scene in Warrington whilst also supporting local artists, musicians and the Womanstanley movement!


Museums at Night – May 2016

KLAUTmd played three short improvised sets as part of the Museums at Night event at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery on Friday 13th May. To prepare visitors for spooky live action tour of the Museum by a group of local actors, we wore capes and unleashed some unsettling and unpleasant noises upon a bemused audience to accompany a short film made up of excerpts from the making of The Exorcist (1973). Here’s a film of one of the performances…